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Siklós Castle

Siklós Castle is an important historical landmark of our country. The first walls of the fortress were built in the 13th century, around 1251. The first written record dates back to 1294 and can...

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After exploring Siklós, it's well worth exploring the surrounding area. The neighbouring villages offer gastronomic, cultural, spa and wellness services.

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Villány is the eponymous village of the wine region. The archaeological finds here tell of a long history of viticulture. German grape workers brought their favourite grape variety, the Kékoporto....

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Pécs, the city of Mediterranean ambience. A treasure trove of science, art and sacrality. It has been bathed in fame and glory, plundered and destroyed, yet it has grown over the centuries as...
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Máriagyűd is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Hungary. The Baroque church has long been a place of pilgrimage because of its Marian apparitions and in 2008 the Pope granted it the...

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The beautiful geographical feature of Nagyharsány is Szársomlyó behind it, the "devil's ploughed" barren mountain (442 m) nature reserve, which is managed by the Danube-Drava National Park. On the...
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Just south of Siklós, right along the Drava River, is Matty, with a fishing lake that offers excellent opportunities for fishing enthusiasts.

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Palkonya is a one-street village at the north-eastern end of the Villányi Hills, which still preserves the architectural culture of the German vine-growers who settled here in the 18th century....

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Villánykövesd is a settlement at the eastern foot of Fekete-hegy (Black Mountain). Villánykövesd is a tourist favourite, and the three-storey cellar village is a frequent subject for painters and...

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Harkány, one of Hungary's most important spa towns, is 6 km from Siklós. The thermal waters and treatments have led to Harkány being called the "Mecca for people with rheumatism".

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