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There are 5 saunas in our sauna world, which help the body to eliminate waste products, have an effective immune-boosting and vascular regenerating effect, improve metabolic processes and increase the blood supply to the body. Sauna bathing helps to bring latent diseases to the surface and to overcome them, as it boosts the body's ability to heal itself. We have 2 traditional Finnish saunas, 2 infrared saunas, a wood-burning Russian sauna, a steam cabin and an aroma cabin.

Aroma cabin

A cabin that is not only relaxing for the body, but also for the soul.
Its use dates back thousands of years. In the old days oil extracted from plants and flowers was used, which was inhaled, mixed into bath water or massaged into the body.
It works through essential oils, which, when evaporated into the air, is inhaled and absorbed through the pores of the skin, providing relaxation for both the body and the mind. Rose oil has a calming and relaxing effect.
Its medicinal properties range help cure a range of issues from stomach ailments to musculoskeletal complaints.
Towels are obligatory!

Steam room

The steam room offers the atmosphere and air of Turkish baths, helping to relieve stress, relax muscles, regenerate and provide ideal blood supply to the organs.
Thanks to its beneficial effects, the steam room relieves the symptoms of respiratory diseases, makes the skin velvety and hydrated, prevents the development of cellulite and stimulates detoxification. The use of the steam room stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases the heart rate without raising blood pressure and, through dilated capillaries, delivers increased amounts of nutrients to the cells and skin, leaving it healthy, hydrated and supple.
Inhaling steam is an ancient remedy, the benefits of which can now be felt in the steam room, in a very pleasant and aesthetic environment, for colds, flu symptoms, sinusitis, bronchitis or asthma.
Towels are compulsory!

Salt room

A salt room has been created upstairs to help you relax and heal. Our salt room is suitable for the treatment of all respiratory diseases: asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, sinusitis, pollen and other allergies. It helps in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and arthritis. It strengthens the immune system.

Wellness treatments and massages

The SPA pampering is completed with various massages, medical and beauty treatments for face and body.

Our prices are valid from 10.01.2022.

Types of massage Duration Price
Herbal cream massage 20 minutes HUF 4.300
Herbal cream massage 40 minutes HUF 7.600
Refreshing massage (with cream) 20 minutes HUF 3.900
Refreshing massage (with cream) 40 minutes HUF 7.200
Relaxing massage (with oil) 40 minutes HUF 8.700
Relaxing massage (with oil) 60 minutes HUF 10.500
Chocolate cream masszázs 20 minutes HUF 5.400
Chocolate cream massage 40 minutes HUF 8.700
Foot massage 20 minutes HUF 4.400
Foot massage 40 minutes HUF 8.700
Marine magnesium massage (with oil) 20 minutes HUF 5.400
Marine magnesium massage (with oil) 40 minutes HUF 8.700
Grape seed oil body massage 40 minutes HUF 9.800
Manager massage 20 minutes HUF 4.700
Maternity massage 20 minutes HUF 3.600
Sports massage 20 minutes HUF 5.400
Sports massage 40 minutes HUF 8.700
Massage for children 20 minutes HUF 3.300
5 suitable medicinal cream massage passes 20 minutes HUF 17.200
5 suitable medicinal cream massage passes 40 minutes HUF 30.400

Prices are in HUF and include VAT. Check-in at the front desk of Hotel Castello.
All of our guests are welcome!

The solarium awaits tanning enthusiasts. Our standing and lying tanning beds are equipped with 0.3 mm Chocolate Brown tubes that comply with EU standards.

The children's corner in our upstairs Juice Bar is a quieter, calmer environment. Here, babies and toddlers can enjoy an active holiday when they're exhausted after playing with the endless supply of water toys. The children's corner is closed during the summer, and is open from autumn to spring.