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Thermal Spa Siklós

The Thermal Spa Siklós welcomes visitors to recharge and relax in winter and summer. The hotel is connected to the spa by a direct, closed corridor. The spa offers a variety of pools, saunas and sports fields.

The Thermal Spa in Siklós is located in a special natural and historical setting, near the Siklós Castle. The baths have an exciting interior environment, with colourful bastions surrounding the pools, creating a special atmosphere reminiscent of the castle's secure walls. Inside each bastion, guests can enjoy a surprise experience. The three-storey building of more than 5,000 square metres provides ideal recreational facilities for all ages.

Water composition

Sampling location: The thermal well in its operational state. Thermal well: Egyházasharaszti.

CATION mg/l meq/L Than %
Sodium 67 2,91 25,81
Potassium 7,6 0,19 1,73
Lithium 0,117 0,02 0,15
Ammonium 0,45 0,03 0,22
Calcium 108 5,39 47,75
Magnesium 33,3 2,74 24,26
Iron 0,167 0,01 0,08
Manganese 0,016 0,00 0,00
Total: 216,7 11,29 100,00
ANION mg/l meq/L Than %
Nitrite <0,02 0,00 0,00
Nitrate <1 0,00 0,00
Chloride 22 0,62 6,31
Bromide 0,19 0,002 0,02
Iodide 0,036 0,0000 0,00
Fluoride 0,93 0,05 0,50
Sulphate 217 2,26 22,97
Sulphide 4 0,00 0,00
Phosphate 0,15 0,00 0,05
Carbonate <15 0,00 0,00
Hydrogen carbonate 421 6,9 70,15
Total: 665,3 9,8 100,00
  • Children's pools:
    The little ones will have fun in the shallow children's pools! Three warm water pools of different depths, water toys and a huge rainbow slide will make children and babies' moments unforgettable.
  • Adult pool:
    The three-storey complex of more than 5,000 square metres has a total of 12 pools (1,923 square metres of water surface), including a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, air jets, massage, whirlpool, chatting and children's pools. A total of 80 million crystal glass mosaics have been installed in the pools, with ultraviolet germ removal and complete water filtration, and disinfection is carried out using a reduced chlorine process.
  • Swimming pool:
    There is also a 33-metre outdoor swimming pool for sports and entertainment. The pool has a temperature of around 26 °C.
  • Thermal pools:
    All our pools are filled with thermal water. Their approximate temperatures - in our outdoor and indoor pools - are as follows: Indoor pools: Relaxing - Drift (32-33 °C), Children's adventure (33-34 °C), Hot tub (34-35 °C), Experience massage (33-34 °C), Hot water sitting pool (35-36 °C), Turkish bath (35-37 °C), Plunge pool (20 °C); Outdoor pools, Hot water sitting pool (34 °C), Children's and teaching pool (33 °C), Swimming pool (26 °C), Jacuzzi pool (34 °C)
Experience elements

The colourful bastions surrounding the pools have a special atmosphere, symbolising the secure walls of the castle. Inside each bastion, bathers are in for a surprise. The clean design of the bathing hall includes a total of six adult pools and three children's pools. This way, you will be able to plan quickly in which order you want to try out the pools, to find some great entertainment in the water, with unique, hidden massage systems - such as a whirlpool bed, foot and waist massages. In addition to this, adults will also have fun with the twisting corridor and two giant slides. They can turn everyone into a child again, if only for a few hours.


There is a playground for children outside. If children are tired after the fun and pleasantly exhausting activities in the children's pools, slides, water games and play corner, the playground can provide them with some more relaxation.

Sports fields
Sports fans can test their skills on the outdoor sports field. It offers an exciting recreational experience for children and adults alike.
Sunbathing beach

A sunbathing terrace is available for those looking to tan. For families, Siklós is the ideal place for a relaxing wellness programme, as great care has been taken to ensure that children don't get bored while parents can unwind from the stressful weekdays. An almost endless range of recreational opportunities awaits everyone in the beautiful surroundings of the Thermal Spa of Siklós, with guaranteed spiritual and physical refreshment. The spa is open to all ages, and its family atmosphere is enhanced by special weekly programmes, cultural and special events for specific groups. There is no extra charge for the use of sun loungers in the spa.